Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bigger Picture of Physique Competing - A Thread for my Precision Nutrition Team Blog

Consider you Impact

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Pics of my three shows (2006)... here Be gentle, I'm a NOOB! I still haven't got on the stage so that I would have been satisfied with my conditioning.

Maybe I should see what happens with very high dosing of BCAA&glutamine as well - I work for a supplement company so I can pretty much drag home as many supps as I need.
You look georgous! Wow. We can add you to the list of discreet, modest PN figure babes. You have a good package to work with! I have really changed/improved every contest, as will you.

I am still learning of course, but I woulld say the secret to staying hormonally balanced and metabolicly healthy as a competitor is:

- carb and calorie cycling
- a variety of foods
- the freshest, best quality, nutrient dense foods possible
- a targetted supplement strategy that changes often
- a healthy mental perspective on the entire process

I have worked with quite a few in your situation where their hormones or metabolism (usually go hand in hand) have failed them post contest. You did what you were told or outlined in the plan, worked harded and what did you get for it? It's not your fault that's for sure, but use your previous experiences and learn from them. You can become a master at doing it the healthful way and get back on stage even better... not only looking better, which is your goal, but feeling better through the preparation, at the contest and more importantly much better afterwards.

This is supposed to be about displaying oneself as a representive of fitness and health. 90% do not represent that - they just aim to look the part. But it IS possible. You can compete and be healthier - hormonally, physically and emotionally - than 99% of the population. That is when you will WIN. And winning is not about the title, trophy or magazine cover. It's about when YOU know you have become your personal best. It is the best feeling.

The bigger purpose of competing is to act as a role model - to inspire and motivate others to become THEIR personal best. Competing is just the vehicle. Some do this through their own interests, passions and hobbies whether it be composing music like my father-in-law, teaching like my mother or teaching people how to squat or to be able to do a pullup, like myself. If you NEVER forgot that all of this is the path to human betterment (not just you, but the entire human race), then the pressure is off. It's about something bigger, much bigger.

If you let that sink in, your metabolism will be back in no time - glutamine or not.

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." Jackie Robinson

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Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,

Fond you through Lisa Stokes blog and have to say you are so inspirational and motivational! LOVE your stuff and congrats on your most recent title! Keep it going - you rock!!!