Monday, November 26, 2007

Stop Hiding and you Will be Found

"...the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a very religious person, but I am very spiritual. One thing that has helped me get closer to becoming my best (inside and out), is telling the truth. It may not be verbally spoken per se, but at least being honest with myself and with those that I am closest to.

By bringing the truth to light, you are able to stop hiding behind or within the person you are pretending to be. Once you do that, you are better able to be yourself or your "true self".

It is a very empowering and enlightening feeling once you have spoken or acknowledged truths that have been buried within for, in some cases, a very long time.

Here as some examples of truths that can profoundly change your life and your future, by bringing them out:

  • I am addicted to food
  • I am judgmental of other people so I can feel better about myself
  • I am a shopaholic (or workaholic, or alcoholic...); I do this to hide from the pain inside me
  • I have an anxiety disorder
  • I am an underachiever
  • I am afraid of failure
  • I am not happy with my marriage
  • I do not want to work at my job anymore; I want to be a _________ instead
  • I have been lying to myself for decades and it must stop
  • I drink too much
Just saying it and actually acknowledging it as an obstacle that you need to overcome, rather than a matter-of-fact, and you will be one step closer to conquering it.


You cannot become your true self, the highest form of who you are, the most fulfilled "you", until you stop hiding, stop lying to yourself (first and foremost). It will hold you back in your relationships, your career, your health, your physical performance.... in everything. You are not complete. It also causes anxiety and stress and dissonance.


Recently, I was driving somewhere and I was struck by a TRUTH of my own. I analyzed some of my past, some patters, some chronic pain (hip) and I stated it both in my head and then out loud:

"I am an underachiever!"

I searched a bit deeper and realized that the futher truth behind this was:

"I am afraid of failure."

Think deeper... find the truth:

"I have an anxiety disorder."

There it was. I realized that for as long as I can remember, I have had severe anxiety over any type of competition, where the task is challenging for me. If it does not come easily or if I was not 100% certain that I would win, I would have excuses for not being able to continue on with the competition.

I remember in Gr. 3, I faked being sick so I did not have to compete in the 100 m dash at the All Schools Track and Field event. I was never afraid to compete locally because I knew I was the fastest and would win. As soon as I had real competition, I would crumble and wuss out.

Now over the years of competing in various sports and events, I have learned to face my fear and compete, but the fear and anxiety is still there. And that fear holds me back from being my best. It drains my energy, affects my digestion, my weight (loss of appetite) and overall performance. My hip, neck or back will also flare up (each of those represents something emotional).

I have taken yoga, done meditation, visualization, taken stress busting supplements, but the anxiety is still there (to a lesser degree however).

It was not until I simply stated that TRUTH "I have an anxiety disorder" that the disorder disappeared. It seems so simple, but this was a HUGE revelation. To recognize it, acknowledge it and state it. AND, not to be judged. We all have fears, flaws and truths to tell.

Now that I have stat.ed that truth, I am one GIANT step closer to becoming my personal best. With The Commonwealth Championships, just around the corner, I am ready to take it on anxiety free! I will simply do my best and nothing else matters.

Now, your homework is to figure out which truths are holding you back. "Be not afraid." "...the truth will set you free".

Remember, the hardest truths to speak and acknowledge are the ones that will move you further ahead and towards your "true self".

Yours in Strength,

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