Friday, November 9, 2007

Are YOU Setting Yourself Up For Failure?

Today's blog is inspired by two clients that I worked with this week.

"I will never get rid of this." (pointing to her midsection)

"It won't work for me. Just wait and see." (referring giving my "Lean and Green" Fat Loss dietary protocols a go starting on Monday)

Well guess what... THEY ARE BOTH 100% CORRECT!

If they think it won't happen or something won't work, it won't. Anything you go into with the preconceived notion that it will fail, is very likely to fail because you set your mind up for it way ahead of time.

We all know this logically. But why do we do this?

Because we TRULY beleive it. In order to effect change, you have to BELIEVE that it can be done. That is the hard part.

Doing it is not the hardest part.

Saying that you can do it is easy.

Actually beleiving that you will get the results you are seeking is where the real work is at.

Plus, in order for us to believe we have to deal with the issues at the root of WHY we do not beleive we can do it.

Let's take my two clients for example.

I will make some assumptions here for the purposes of this scenario.

"Mary" we will call her, belives she will never get rid of her mid section (which is a non-issue let me tell you.... a 29" waist that needs to get to about 27"... please!) because it is easy to simply say that rather than put in the hard work and lifestyle and dietary changes to see a sexy lean 6-pack. So the real root of this lack of faith is fear.

The solution? FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAYS (to quote the book). What you fear is the last thing holding you back from realizing that goal. You will grow by overcoming that obstacle so take it on. The worst thing that may happen is you only get a 4 pack instead of a 6 pack. Whah!! Poor you.

"Pete", we will call client #2, has set himself up for failure with nutrition protocols that have resulted in a 3 to 5% fat loss for everyone that has followed them with 80-90% compliance. Why does he believe that it will not work for him? Perhaps it is because deep down he doesn't really want to change his eating habits. He wants to be leaner, lighter and healthier (the outcome) without making too many changes (the action). Dont' we all!

That is why these fraud gizmo and miracle cream companies make so much money - initially anyways. Because they sell us the promise of results without hard work. LIES! Once we try these miracle cures and realize they do not work, we are back to the drawing board.

Generally speaking, it does not work that way. When in life do we get amazing results without putting in the work and committment? Winning the lottery? Great odds there!

In order to effect change it takes a dramatic stimulus and the more dramatic the more significant the results.

So if someone eats say 6 slices of bread a day, fries with gravy, pizza, cereal, candy bars, 3 coffees with milk and sugar ... (just an example) and exercises on average of 1 to 3 times a week.... what will it take to effecdt change on that body? A complete 360.

What does 360 look like? Veggie omelette for breakfast, green tea and water, ditching all the starchy carbs, refined sugars, dairy products and replacing them with lean proteins, nuts and seeds (in small amounts), lots and lots of vegetables, some fruits, some beans and lentils and some whole grains. And all this must be with caloric restriction and rotation in mind.

Exercise must be daily and must be intense enough to create a stimulus for the body to adapt to.

For how long? Life.

We are about our habits. Our bodies are a reflection of what we do with our bodie and what we put in it. Its not a diet plan or a temporary action plan for temporary results.

So STOP setting yourself up for failure.

Start believing in yourself.

And accept that it will be work and you will have to deal with some deamons (past issues and old habits) to effect change.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!!! Can you say QUALITY and QUANTITY of life? And note that quality came first. It's about taking control. Anything can be done that you put your mind to (and actually believe!).

Yours in Strength,

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