Monday, March 5, 2012

Sexify your Plate!

Veggies get a bad rap! "Boring", "Yucky!", "Too much time to prepare!", "Not satisfying".

I say, not at all true! Veggies are have the TRIPLE S FACTOR! They are simple, satisfying and sexy!

What? Sexy? You got it! When you look, feel and perform better - you get sexified!

They are loaded with nutrients, make your meals more flavourful, colourful and satisfying. Oh, we have another S-word! Success! Veggies also help you be successful with pretty much any and every health, fitness, longevity, wellness, weight loss, fat loss and performance goal.


Coach Krista's Top 3 Veggies Sexification Tips

1) Practice! Were you born an amazing and confident lover? Everything takes practice including learning to love veggies. To get better at something and to allow the body to adapt (yes taste buds adapt), you simply have to get started and keep at it. Example: Make it a goal to get ONE more veggie a day and ONE new veggie a week.

2) Experiment. We get bored of the same old, same old - no matter how "in love" you are. Relationship or radishes - it applies equally. Ever roasted radishes? How about steaming them along with garlic and cauliflower and making a mash substitute? You get it. Get creative. Get excited!

3) Flavour flavour! Chocolate is meant for baking but it also heats up the bedroom. Garlic is not just for keeping vampires away. Adding flavourful, nutrient loaded veggies such as garlic, onions, ginger and fresh herbs can revive a lifeless meal and give it new mojo!

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