Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lean Eating Workshop - Summary by JMax Fitness

“A workshop or clinic is better than a workout.” Dan John.
Sunday's Lean Eating Workshop was a BANG! And it was also hosted by Bang! Fitness. It was a great opportunity for me to meet some Lean Eaters face to face and go over the finer points of form with some of their favorite (insert sarcasm here) lifts such as Front Squats. Thanks to Jason Maxwell of JMax Fitness for an awesome write up and excellent pictures. Takeaways from the Seminar: -The Three C’s -Courage – This drives us. It helps us make change within ourselves. -Compassion – You need to have compassion for yourself. -Continuum – If you do something better than last week, you have made progress. For example: deadlifting one more rep than last week, or if you only have time to workout for 20 minutes, do it instead of skipping an entire workout. CLICK HERE: Lean Eating Seminar by JMaxFitness

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