Friday, April 8, 2011

Managing the Ebbs & Flows of Life

This issue just recently came up in my Lean Eating group. I thought I would share with you my thoughts.

Energy... life... is never constant.

So know that this is part of your natural energy rhythms sometimes. We never ask "I am feeling amazing today! So much energy... it's odd, what do I do about it" .

That's the "high"...and thus there must also be a low. When you can suspect something is wrong (hormones, emotions, nutrition, rest/work balance, immune system...) is if LOW seems to be the norm and you can't remember any HIGHS recently.

It can be a cycle also that when one gets set off (let's say you sleep poorly one night), then everything gets off.

The key is to try to correct - reset the balance - whatever is off.

If you sleep poorly and wake up tired, that may not be the best day to clean out the pantry, go for a new squat PR, take the mother in-law out for lunch, potty train your toddler and expect a 100% nutritional compliance day.

In fact, that would be a great day to cancel your afternoon meeting with the accountant, make a chammomile tea and have a 30 minute power nap. RESET!

The taxes will be there for you still in a few days.

To summarize:

* It's natural to have high and low energy days
* Assess your HIGH:NEUTRAL:LOW energy ratio
* Consider if you need to put the system back into balance by doing less, doing different or NOT doing, even if just temporarily


nd what is "normal" really... again, what matters is your ranges.

You could keep an inventory of sorts for a few weeks (I think I month may reveal a pattern) and find out what "normal" is for you, because YOU are what matters.

Just like you can't compare your weight loss, strength in the gym or motivation for your goals to anyone else's, your energy fluctuations are unique to you.

It is also VERY MUCH a state of mind.

I wake up every day and say 2 things to myself:

1) I am full of radiant light and energy

2) Today is an amazing day

Daily mantra for a different type of energy boost:
"I am full of radiant light and energy"

Try this... I bet you will set your energy range up a notch or two. So you will still have highs and lows but your highs will be higher and your lows will be less low.

THAT is more energy people!

I would be interested to find out what most people think upon waking...

"Uhh... I have to see the accountant today. FML "

"Why am I so tired."

"Is it raining again! Lord, I hate this time of year."

"Ugh. I look 90 years old"

"He stayed up watching old movies again... I wish her payed more attention to me"

"My shoulder is sore...oh, my back too a bit. Maybe I should take a rest day today... and maybe I need a bit more carbs"

Hmmm? Sound familiar?


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