Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Krista Qualifies for CBBF Nationals!

From DE Coach, Kate Kline PICP

I want to extend a huge congratulations to Precision Nutrition's Krista Schaus and her coaches- Precision Nutrition's Dr. John Berardi and Carter Schoffer

Krista competed this weekend at the Ontario provincials in Masters Bodybuilding and Open Middleweight divisions. It was a great weekend and Krista brought her best physique yet to the stage. She was the runner-up in both classes and qualified for Nationals in August. It was a very close call and definitely a "personal best showing" for Krista.

From Krista:

I am very pleased with my 2nd place finish in both Masters (over 35) and Open Middleweight (under 124.5 lbs) at the Ontario Physique Association National Qualifier this past Saturday in London Ontario.

Although at Arnolds last year I faced some of the best female bodybuilders in the works (Jo Stewart, Elena Shpotrun), this contest brought the tighest competitive line up I have been up against yet. The physiques were all very competitive in the Top 5. I would not want the judges' job!

I love good competition - I thrive on it and it brings out my best. It was also a great experience to place 2nd and leave me something to work for and strive to improve even more. I know some things I will work on for Nationals coming up at the end of August in Toronto.

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Claudine said...

Congratulations Krista! You look amazing! Good luck in August! :)