Thursday, August 6, 2009

DE Client Reaches New Heights - FULL CHIN UPS!

This is an unprompted email from a Defining Edge distance client. An amazing lady who clearly works hard in the gym and keeps her goals in mind. To keep it real, SHE did this with us as her guides. Only YOU can accomplish the seemingly impossible. No one does it for you. But we were happy to help.


This is the FIRST TIME EVER that I have been able to do a full chin-up then come up and do 2 more!!!

What you guys need to understand is that
1) I have not done a chin-up nor specifically trained to do a chin-up in **months**.
2) The last time I remember attempting some, in May, I was saddened to discover that I had lost so much ground I could no longer do even a 5 second negative chin.
3) For at least 2 years I have tried with little success to progress to full chin-ups. Many trainers have had me do all kinds of chin variations (partials, negatives, legs supported, inverted rows, etc) but I was never able to progress to more than a few semi-chins at the very top of the range.

Until now.

YOUR program did this. There's no other explanation! Today was biceps and triceps day of my new Phase 3 program and I was able to duplicate this miracle event for each of my 4 sets. Furthermore, I can easily do a TEN SECOND negative - while whistling!

Frankly, I could not be more shocked or pleased! I cried!! It's like a GIFT that I received today on Day 3 of induction! I never ever saw it coming. I feel so encouraged I cannot tell you. WHERE are my egg whites and veggies?! Lemme at 'em!

When I saw chins were part of my new program I groaned that I hate them. Now I LOVE them!! I've got to build on this!! We're going to 10 full chins before 2010 - what do ya say??

Thank you thank you thank you!!! You guys are THE BEST.

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